Friends of Rutherford House Society


Our vision is for Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site to be widely recognized and appreciated for its historical and cultural significance and for the Friends of Rutherford House Society to inspire and enrich the community.


The mission of the Friends of Rutherford House Society is to create innovative opportunities for the public to enjoy Rutherford House and to engage with Alberta’s history. We believe that the past has something to tell the present. We aspire to make history fun, relevant, and engaging.


  • Hospitality in keeping with the spirit and tradition of the Rutherford Family.
  • Excellence in our services.
  • Community connections and partnerships.
  • Inclusion of all members of the community.
  • Collaboration and open communication.
  • Educational opportunities.
  • Passion and commitment of engaged volunteers and staff.
  • The vital role that the heritage of Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site plays to our community’s identity and how it connects the past, present, and future.


  • The Friends of Rutherford House Society (FORHS) works in cooperation with Alberta Culture and Tourism at Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site.
  • The Friends of Rutherford House Society is a key player in the historical community offering heritage research, educational opportunities, enhanced facility access, and interactive visitor experiences with and within the heritage gem of Edmonton. It works to complete projects and host various events which allow the public to enjoy heritage in a unique and intimate way.
  • Over the Friends of Rutherford House's long history of not-for-profit, heritage-based work, it has contributed in many ways to the preservation and operation of Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site. The restoration of the maid’s quarters, the publication of several books, the purchase of items in the house, and financial support for the restoration of the Chancellor’s garden are all ways in which the Society has fulfilled its mandate and served the heritage community.

Support us

The Friends of Rutherford House Society Board of Directors is accepting applications!

  • FORHS has been an Edmonton institution since its incorporation in 1985. Many heritage advocates, charity enthusiasts, and community-minded individuals have made their mark by volunteering their time and talent to this Society. FORHS offers experience in many areas including: heritage, education, research, volunteer management, board governance, capital project fundraising, and special events management.
  • FORHS welcomes those who can commit 5-10 hours every month. All ages are welcome. Please forward your application form, resume, and availability* to the Board at*(example: “I am semi-retired and would like to commit my free time to this organization”; OR “I am a student interested in volunteering as a committee member and can commit up to 10 hours per month”; OR “I have a full time job and a busy family life but would like to help out as a committee member”)


To learn more about the Friends of Rutherford House Society, you can visit their website, find them on Facebook, or email them at